Inpatient Covid Vaccination Campaign

DIMHANS brings vaccination to the mentally ill and disabled individuals of Dharwad.

DIMHANS Inpatient Covid Vaccination Campaign


Dharwad Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (DIMHANS) collaborated with Dharwad District Legal Services Authority, District Health and Family Welfare Department, and District Disability office to vaccinate the inpatients admitted in chronic and forensic wards of DIMHANS. These patients who are suffering from chronic mental illness have been staying under DIMHANS care for a long time, and their treatment, medication, daily needs have been taken care of DIMHANS. These patients had not received vaccination as they did not carry identifying papers and their family members were not present with them. However, a recent government order has made provision for vaccination for high-risk group, following which 49 patients admitted in the chronic ward and forensic ward were vaccinated on May 27, 2021. This vaccination drive was attended by Sri Chinnannavar.RS, who is the Senior Civil Judge of Dharwad and also member secretary of the District Legal Services Authority; Dr. Mahesh Desai, Director of DIMHANS; Dr. Srinivasa Kosagi, Medical Superintendent; DN Mulimani, District Disability Officer; and Dr. Jyoti Udupi, Health Officer. Also present were DIMHANS staff and faculty members such as Dr R. Srivani, Professor of Nursing, Social Workers RM Thimmampura and Mr. Ashok Kori, nursing officers Kasturi Kammar, Girija Manohari, Chandrakala, Asha, Shanta Mary, Anil Chavana, Balappa Poojary, and Sarla S. Madli, Mallamma Patil.

In the second phase of this vaccination campaign, 90 chronic mentally ill patients who attend DIMHANS day care centre will be vaccinated. DIMHANS is also making a list of those individuals who have received disability certificate, and outpatients coming from various places of Dharwad in order to get vaccination for them.  District Legal Service Authority, Dharwad has appointed two para-legal volunteers Mr. Ashok Kori and Mr. Nagara Hugar from DIMHANS to coordinate with different government departments to enable this vaccination campaign.In addition, DIMHANS plans to carry forward this vaccination campaign to other vulnerable groups in Dharwad, such as those in Nirashrithara Parihara kendra (beggar’s home), Raya Mahila Nilaya (State home for women), chronic mentally ill patients attending private psychiatry hospitals, etc.

Ever since the COVID19 pandemic broke out in India, DIMHANS has been actively contributing to fight the pandemic in several ways. It is currently, running 125 bedded COVID Hospital in district hospital building, supporting the severely ill COVID19 positive patients. It has also been tele counselling COVID positive patients and their family members, covering nearly 15,000 COVID positive patients last year during the first wave, and now over 3000 COVID positive patients have been counselled during the 2nd wave. DIMHANS also has an active COVID19 lab facility which has so far tested over 3.8 lakh individuals for COVID19, with an average of 2000 tests per day. Dr. Mahesh Desai, Director of DIMHANS, has been actively encouraging and motivating the staff and faculty of DIMHANS to actively participate in the various efforts DIMHANS is making in combating the pandemic. Staff, faculty and students are working in shifts to help the public as much as possible during these difficult times.


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