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On 16th July, DIMHANS Newsletter was formally released by Dr. Mahesh Desai, Director of DIMHANS. DIMHANS Newsletter was a recent decision to formally record all the events and community programs conducted by DIMHANS. It also features articles, poems, and art by staff, faculty, and students of DIMHANS. The event was attended by the administrative staff and faculty and students from all departments.  Also present were editors of the newsletter, Dr. Sahithya BR., Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology; Dr. Ananthramu BG, Assistant Professor of Psychiatric Social Work; and newsletter advisor Dr. Raghavendra Nayak, Associate Professor of Psychiatry. Dr. Shanmukha D, CAO; Shri Mallikarjun Dharani, FA; Smt Vijayalaxmi Toragalmath, AAO; and Smt Veena Patil, Office Superintendent, also graced the occasion with their presence.

The cover of the newsletter features a mandala drawn by Dr. Shanteri Pai, MD Psychiatry PG, representing better mental health.  The newsletter also hosts articles written by MPhil Clinical Psychology trainee Ms. Vaishnavi Kulkarni, and Ms. Shridevi Birader from the department of Psychiatric Social Work. This event marks the first official newsletter to be released since Dr. Mahesh Desai took over as the director of DIMHANS. Earlier, the publication department of DIMHANS used to release DIMHANS Chethana, which stopped due to technical difficulties. Dr. Mahesh Desai wanted to restart the publication in order to formally share relevant and valuable information, as well as news concerning the activities of DIMHANS with the public. The newsletter was s released electronically today, and hard copies will be issues soon. Dr. Mahesh Desai said that DIMHANS will regularly issue newsletters henceforth.



DIMHANS e-News Volume 4 Issue 1 View/Download, Published on 08 August 2021


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